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Adventure in an Elevator

Have you ever even given a thought to an elevator?
Mostly they are just there, ready to wing us upward to higher floors and greater glory, but, winging doesn't always happen. Sometimes going up (or coming down, for that matter) becomes an exercise in terror, faith, bravery and perspicacity.
That is what happened to me on a recent trip (up and down).  The elevator door stood quietly closed, waiting for some gullible old girl who never had given it a second thought;  just 'take me up to my room' and never a word of thanks or by-your-leave.
Well, this rebel elevator was having none of that attitude.  I stepped in and  pushed the button to close the door and, rudely, it slammed shut reverberating throughout the building.  Then sweetly the car began its ascent as it should.  It reached the 2nd floor where it knew I was feeling very confident and then, suddenly it dropped a few inches, slammed against the wall and sat there without a murmur of apology.  I pushed at all the buttons and with a tiny sigh, the car door opened, waited, closed and gently carried me to my third floor destination. 
I walked out carefully, trying not to offend the ill-tempered elevator and the door closed gently behind me.  I could swear I could hear it chuckling.

Other elevators have their own personality too, even if its not so violent as the other one.  
I had the privilege of being the first to use an elevator that was one day old.  The tiny car was made of fresh smelling ply wood and its entire service trip was one floor.  
Using this new creation required that one take the training course before attempting to ride.
The procedure consisted of thirteen steps as follows:
1.  Push call and wait patiently for car to descend from 2nd floor
2.  Open door
3.  Open gate
4.  Step in 
5.  Close door
6.  Close gate
7.  Press AND HOLD 'go' button until car reaches the 2nd floor and comes to a full stop.  If you let go of the button, the car will stop and you may possibly never get out alive.
8.  Release the button 
9.  Open gate
10. Open door
11. Step out
12. Close gate
13. Close door.   If you fail to do the last two steps, riders from the first floor can't get the car back down.

Now, you see why traveling is so much fun.  Adventures are found in the most unexpected places.

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