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What's the Point of Dreaming?

In a lovely old song from Disney, we are told "A dream is a wish your heart makes...  Can you imagine having no wishes, no 'what ifs',  no possibilities?  What a sad thing that would be.  

But the joy is that we can and do have wishes; we can dream of things to come.  Having a dream gives us something to work toward; something to believe in.  Another word for dream is goal.  To set a goal, one must have an idea or concept, must be able to visualize what it will be like to have achieved that goal, must be able to believe that making  the goal is possible. 

If you have some vague notion that you could make something, develop an idea, see a change but you just laugh and say, 'Yeah, right.  As if I could do something like that.  It would (a) cost too much  (b) be too hard  (c) not sell. and, what's more, no one would buy it and I would fail.', then you are absolutely right.  You should simply drop the idea and go on with your daily life.  Ho Hum!

But!!  If you take an attitude that says 'I don't know whether I can make my dream come true or not, but, I'll try.'  then you sit down and start working on it, you are already a success.  

Begin with a To Do list.  On this list, record all the activities you can think of that will help to make progress toward your goal/dream.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Write a full, detailed description of the idea.  What does it look like?  What will it do?  Who can use it?  Why is it better than the one down the street?  This is the 'dream-sheet' and can be a long or as short as necessary.  It should be so detailed that someone who never heard of it will be able to see it in action.  Do NOT include action steps like 'find funding' or 'look for a site', that comes later.  When you have finished drawing your idea, put it away for as least 24 hours and do nothing with it.  After a day, take it out and read it again.  Revise it.  Ask another person to read and critique it.  If they have questions, you have some revising to do.  Do it.
Spend plenty of time on this exercise.  It is vital to your success.

2.  Make a list, in no particular order, of the physical things required for the idea to grow and flourish. List facilities, tools, materials, but don't think, yet, about how or where to get those physical things.

3  Third,  record all the skills needed to make this dream come true; like being able to use vital tools, understanding design or whatever else you or your collegues must know.  List what you are able to do now, what you will/can learn how to do, and list what skills you will need to find in others.

4  Keep a note book where you can record thoughts, worries, ideas, how-to as they come to you (sometimes in the middle of the night).

These are the beginning steps toward your dream.  There are many more.

What does it mean to have a dream?   Can you do it?
Another word for 'dream' is  WORK!  The more work you put into your dream, the more it becomes a reality.   Go for IT!

11 Comments to What's the Point of Dreaming?:

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Make a list, in no particular order, of the physical things required for the idea to grow and flourish. List facilities, tools, materials, but don't think, yet, about how or where to get those physical things.
Reply to comment on Sunday, November 06, 2016 11:13 AM
It is really nice blog that become inspiration to everyone.
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I don't know whether I can make my dream come true or not.
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