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Adventure in an Elevator
Betsy Ross' 5-Point Star
Beautiful Betsy
What's the Point of Dreaming?
Why Hand Made?


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Adventure in an Elevator

Have you ever even given a thought to an elevator?
Mostly they are just there, ready to wing us upward to higher floors and greater glory, but, winging doesn't always happen. Sometimes going up (or coming down, for that matter) becomes an exercise in terror, faith, bravery and perspicacity.
That is what happened to me on a recent trip (up and down).  The elevator door stood quietly closed, waiting for some gullible old girl who never had given it a second thought;  just 'take me up to my room' and never a word of thanks or by-your-leave.

Betsy Ross' 5-Point Star

Here are the instructions for making Betsy Ross'  5-point star.  It is really easy once you follow the directions, step by step.

Beautiful Betsy

In July, our hearts beat stronger as we remember our forefathers' (and mothers') fight to gain freedom from the tyranny of English rule.
After an official declaration of independence in 1776, patriots knew that freedom would come at a high cost, if it came at all.  As the war stretched into 1777, General George Washington, leader of the Continental Army, saw a need for an icon; a flag that would wave over the desperate troops and carry them onward.

Nothing in this world, nor in that one, is original and the flag imagined by General Washington was a version of other flags such as naval colors, country standards and banners of all sorts.

What's the Point of Dreaming?

In a lovely old song from Disney, we are told "A dream is awish your heart makes...  Can you imagine having no wishes, no 'what ifs',  no possibilities?  What a sad thing that would be.  

But the joy is that we can and do have wishes; we can dream of things to come.  Having a dream gives us something to work toward; something to believe in.  Another word for dream is goal.  To set a goal, one must have an idea or concept, must be able to visualize what it will be like to have achieved that goal, must be able to believe that making  the goal is possible.

Why Hand Made?


In a world where faster, bigger, easier is 'better', hand made speaks to the soul of the maker and to the pleasure of the user.  Hand made says care and pride, value and originality.

When an item is machine made from a pattern or design and repeated over and over it loses its human touch.  It becomes common.  Now, of course, we have need of the myriad things that are inexpensively made by machine in factories; those things we use every day like bath towels or automobiles.

It's What You Do With What You've Got

Write your post here.It's What You Do With What You've Got
by Marilou Jacob

Every few years, we in the U.S. find ourselves in a sagging economy and we start to cry "How can we possible afford the wonderful life style we have become accustomed to?"  We don't want to give up a thing but, somehow, the budget gets smaller and the bills get bigger.

Perhaps one idea is to make better use of the things we do spend our money on. During the 'great depression' of the 1930's people raised this idea to an art form.